The most powerful weather station for data driven sail coaches

With Esa Coach you will transform your motorboat in a complete weather station.

You will be able to visualize useful datas in real time and record everything for a perfect debriefing.

Esa Coach is a product of Astra Yacht and it has been developed in partnership with Seesailing

Easy to install on your motorboat

The Esa Coach system is very easy to install. Available with cable connection or wireless.

True wind data in your coach boat.

Multiplexer Coach Box features with Wind Sensor, transmits data via Wi-Fi to your smartphone and tablet.

A powerful 20 Hz GPS and compass let the Multiplexer-Server Wi-Fi capable of recording data by creating the history of your coaching sessions or regattas, which can be analyzed in real time or later.

Choose the wi-fi wind sensor kit or the cabled wind sensor option kit.

Expand your possibilities with the log sensor to let Esa Coach to give you drift data in real time.

Esa Coach is a practical and reliable tool that allows you to analyze in detail the weather and sea conditions of training and course area. We believe ESA Coach is an essential tool for the sailors of the future. For this reason we decided to become partner of the project together with SeeSailing and Astra Yacht. 

Matteo Sangiorgi – Olimpic Sails

Where can you find an ESA-COACH

You can find Esa Coach solution on the professional motorboats developed by MAG Boats.